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Teeth Whitening

Доктор Камен Георгиев - избелване на зъби

Teeth whitening is one of the most advanced, widely accepted and efficient methods with excellent results. It is a painless, cosmetic procedure, which does not involve any removing of the teeth surface by a bur. The doctor puts the whitening gel on the surface of the teeth. After that, with the help of a special lamp, a mild source of heat and light activates the whitening of your tooth surface. But first, before the whitening process starts, the gingiva must be isolated with a gel as protective measure. If there is untreated caries, cracks on the enamel or the tooth surface is very thin, that can be the reason for very annoying sensitivity during the procedure. The teeth whitening can be carried out by the doctor at his/hers praxis or by the patient at home.

  • Teeth Whitening at a dental praxis

    It is a painless procedure and will have a magnificent effect on your face. Your smile will shine. A whitening gel is put on the teeth and then it’s being activated by a special lamp. The procedure is not dangerous or harmful. it does not affect health or teeth strength. 

  • Teeth Whitening at Home

    The change of the color of the teeth is within a couple of weeks, while you are at home and resting. First, special silicone splints will be made for you. Then you have to put a whitening gel  in the splints and then you have to put them on your teeth. This is how the teeth whitening at home is done.