Timely visit to the dentist will make your life painless!

Dental Cleaning

Доктор Камен Георгиев - почистване на зъбен камък

The most common mistake that people make is to underestimate the dental tartar. People don’t pay attention to the tartar and its consequences. The dental tartar is responsible for a lot of diseases by the teeth and gums. It causes inflammation and bleeding of the teeth and the gums and if no precautions are taken, it will lead to their recession, sensitivity and last but not least - teeth mobility.

The amount of tartar in your mouth shows how often you visit your dentist. If you don’t visit your doctor very often and you don’t keep a good oral hygiene, this will lead to the formation of dental plaque and tartar under and over the gingiva. They are responsible for many diseases of the teeth and the gums. Tartar is a dental plaque that has gotten hard after a period of time. The dental cleaning is painless procedure. There could be some sensitivity by some patients caused by the inflammation of the gums. In that case the removing can be carried out under local anesthesia. The dental cleaning is done by an ultrasonic device and it is concluded by an Air-Flow technology. This technology combines water, air and a special powder. And finally it’s time for the teeth polishing. It’s done with a special brush and paste.