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Доктор Камен Георгиев - пломби

The most common reason for a caries is poor oral hygiene. A patient can get a caries at any age. If left untreated, it can progress and it will lead to complications such as pulpitis, periodontitis and even abscess. It’s very crucial that caries is found right in time and treated immediately. It’s harder and more expensive to treat a caries at the late stage of the disease.

The treatment of a caries includes the placing of a filling. Thanks to the new materials used in the modern dental medicine, treatment can be concluded during one visit. 

  • White Fillings

    The white fillings(composite fillings) are the most desired fillings by patients. Their color is the closest to the natural color of the teeth. In most of the cases they are the right choice to restore a tooth damage. However there are some disadvantages. 

  • Black Fillings

    There is a wrong impression among the society that those fillings are not good, even harmful and dangerous. That is not true and even a false accusation. Black fillings are used when white fillings are useful for the patient. They are placed mainly on molars when the use of a white filling can damage a tooth. However there can also be some disadvantages. 

  • Bonding

    Bonding is an esthetic and painless procedure, it is carried out when:
    -     A missing piece of a front tooth should be restored
    -    The form and shape of a tooth should be changed (for example a tooth should be enlarged)
    -     Spots,  colourings and unevenness on the tooth should be corrected