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Dental Examination

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Every Dentist should recommend to his patients to go to a dental examination at least twice a year. This is a precaution so that if the doctor finds a caries at an early stage, it can be treated easily and painless and a future damage of the tooth can be prevented. A part of the dental examination is to check the condition of your gums/gingiva, if they are healthy or they are red and bleeding. If they are infected, they should be treated as soon as possible. Very often if a gingiva disease is left untreated, it can cause the loss of one or more teeth. The dental examination is also recommended for patients with dentures. There is an intraoral camera by the dental unit which gives the patient a chance to see the condition of the teeth and the oral cavity. When the examination is concluded, the doctor will tell you the diagnosis, the way of treatment, the potential risks, alternatives and prognosis. A plan of treatment will be set for you.