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Children’s Dental Medicine

Доктор Камен Георгиев - детска стоматология

Not only permanent but also temporary (milk) teeth are affected by caries and its complications. Healthy temporary teeth are necessary not only for normal nutrition but also for right eruption of the permanent teeth. Dental diseases can affect the normal development of the child.

  • Fillings by temporary and permanent teeth

    After the temporary teeth are replaced by the permanent, parents should keep an eye on their child’s hygiene. I sincerely recommend to parents not to rely on that replacement. It is unforgivable if to let children’s oral hygiene get neglected. Neglecting and ignoring a problem can lead to a more complicated, painful and expensive treatment.  Even by the slightest change of the color of the permanent teeth’s enamel, a visit by the dentist is recommended. 

  • Sealants for children’s permanent molars

    The permanent molars which have just erupted have a very specific surface. They have very specific deep fissures, pits, cracks and unevenness. This surface is the reason why food and plaque easily retain on it, when children don’t brush their teeth properly. These are the most common places to develop caries. Sealants are plastic materials (composite), which can prevent caries, if they are placed properly. Sealants make the surface of the teeth more even, so less plaque can retain on it and children can brush their teeth easier. Dental sealants can be placed as soon as the first permanent molars erupt at the age of 6.