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Teeth Whitening

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  • Is Teeth Whitening a harmful or dangerous procedure?

    No, this procedure is not harmful or dangerous. There is no negative effect of the teeth. The surface of the teeth will not be damaged. At least two procedures of tooth whitening should be done to achieve a good result. It is very important that between the procedures and after that, the patient should reduce drinking coffee, tea, coke and wine. Consumption of fat consisting food and smoking should also be reduced. Concerning the sensitivity of teeth after this procedure – it is strongly individual. Sometimes there is some discomfort, sometimes there is no sensitivity at all. 

  • What should smokers know about the teeth whitening?

    The procedure is a wise choice, but it does not have such a permanent effect as by non-smokers. It’ is recommended smoking to be stopped during the process of tooth whitening.

  • What should we know about tooth whitening?

    The procedure can be done at a dental praxis and also at home with individually made dental splints. Better results can be achieved if both methods are combined.

  • Does the whitening affect the fillings?

    No the procedure does not affect the fillings, it affects only the surface of the teeth. A contrast between the colour of the white fillings and the new colour of the teeth will be visible. It’s recommended that those white fillings get replaced 10 - 15 days after the end of the procedure, when the colour of the whitened teeth is stabilized, so that there is no contrast between them. 

  • Can there be a long lasting result?

    How long will the effect of the tooth whitening last, is only up to the patient. It’s important, if the patient neglectes his or hers oral hygiene and what kind of nutrition habits the patient has. Patients should reduce smoking and the consumption of fat consisting food, patients should also reduce drinking coffee, tea, red wine and coca cola. The more the patient complies with the advices of the doctor, the more long lasting will be the effect of the teeth whitening. 

  • Are there any side effects by the procedure?

    The procedure is not recommended:

    • by patients with temporary (milk) teeth
    • by patients who have fixed orthodontic devices
    • by patients with untreated periodontal disease
    • by patients who suffer from a gingival recession (visible root surface)
    • by untreated deep caries and damaged enamel surface
    • by poor oral hygiene
    • by allergy caused by the elements of the whitening gel
    • Pregnant and breast feeding women should postpone the procedure .

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