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Teeth extraction

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Oral and maxillofacial surgery are dental specialties dealing with the diagnosis and surgical treatment of diseases, injuries and birth defects of the mouth, jaws, face and adjacent structures. This includes removal of heavily damaged or broken teeth, dental implant and removal of cysts.

  • What should I do if I have some discomfort after a tooth extr?

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  • If I don’t have any pain should I go to a dental examination ?

    Yes, the patient should go to a dental exam just to make sure that the recovery after the procedure is going according to plan.

  • Ваденето на зъби поема ли се от здравната каса?
  • How long does it take for a tooth to be extracted?

    A tooth extraction usually can last 30 minutes, depending on the condition of the oral cavity. However, sometimes there are some complications that delay the tooth extraction and in some cases it can last up to 2-3 hours. Everything is strong individual. First it depends on what kind of tooth is supposed to be extracted, where is it situated, is it severe damaged. The health condition of the patient is also very important, if there is any disease that can make the extraction more complicated than usual. And of course there is the fear factor of the patient. 

  • What should and shouldn’t we do after a tooth extraction?

    The patients should follow a special diet after a tooth extraction. After the procedure is done, the patient should not eat or drink anything in the next 2 hours and smoking should also be avoided. The patient should also avoid eating hot food and drinking hot liquids for the rest of the day. Passionate smokers should try to restrain themselves from smoking for the rest of the day or at least try to postpone this habit as long as possible. The extraction wound should not be touched by hand in order to avoid a contamination. It is quite normal that there could be sensitivity by the extraction wound. The patient should try to avoid eating food at this side of the oral cavity. People using dentures should not put them in their mouth for a while. 

  • Should we be concerned about the eruption of the wisedom teeth?

    Wisedom teeth are the last permanent teeth which erupt in the oral cavity. That happens mostly in the period between the 17-25 year and in some cases even after that period. Very often that’s a slow process, the tooth can erupt partially in the gingiva and it can keep this position for a very long period. The eruption can cause inflammation, swelling and pain. In such cases, when the wisedom tooth has placed itself in a bad position in the teeth raw, which causes pain and severe problems, the right solution of the problem will be an extraction. The reason for an extraction are:

    A) when the tooth is unfunctioning

    B) when the tooth is disturbing the chewing function

    C) when the tooth causes pain, discomfort and complains


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