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  • What should you know about the procedure removing of tartar?

    The procedure includes not only the removing of tartar, but it also includes removing of dental plaque and colored strips on the surface of the teeth. It can be done mechanical and by hand. A better result can be achieved with a device called Air Flow. The device is used for polishing teeth with a special powder. It is recommended removing of tartar to be done twice a year. In some cases it could be done more often if tartar is built more frequently.

  • Поема ли се процедурата от здравната каса?
  • Why should tartar (calculus) be removed?

    Tartar (calculus), if not removed , can cause infection and inflammation of the gingiva, it will get swollen, it will turn red and start bleeding. The longer it covers the teeth surface, the bigger its amount will get. It will cause tissue and bone recession and the roots of the teeth will be visible. That will cause a new problem – sensitivity. The so called recession will continue and it could even increase. The teeth will become mobile (will become wobbly) and next, the chewing function will be damaged. Eventually, the affected teeth will have to be extracted. 


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