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Root Canal Treatment

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Inflammation or infection can arise from a number of reasons - deep cavities, cracks and chipping a tooth.

  • Why do we need a root canal treatment?

    The procedure is needed when the dental pulp (the nerve inside the tooth, which is a soft tissue) is affected by an inflammation or by an infection. Most of the time, this inflammation or infection is caused by a complication of a deep caries. The reason could also be a cracked or broken tooth. Sometimes trauma could cause the need for a root canal treatment, even if there are no visible signs of damage on the tooth. If those damages are left untreated they will lead to pain or even to the formation of an abscess.

  • What is Granuloma?

    The Granuloma is an inflammation situated at the apex of the root. It has a round form. It appears mostly after an unsuccessful root canal treatment. The problem can be solved by a new root canal treatment, which must be carried out properly and more precise.

  • Which symptoms should convince us that we need a root canal t?

    The symptoms are pain and sensitivity by cold and hot. The chewing function could be disturbed and cause pain as well. Even a small contact of the affected tooth could be very painful. There could be swelling and tension of the lymph nodes.

  • Will there be any pain during or after this procedure?

    The pain could be avoided during the procedure thanks to different modern anesthetics and anesthesia. In the next couple of days after the treatment, in some occasions, there could be some discomfort in the tooth. That’s a quiet normal reaction especially if the tooth has been quiet painful or there has been an inflammation. This feeling of discomfort can be handled by medications and you could always ask me for any advice if there is something troubling you.

  • What is endontology?

    А tooth contains of two parts – a crown and a root. The crown is the visible part, above the gingiva and the root is below the gingiva. The tooth is a very hard tissue, but it also contains soft, vital tissue, which contains nerves and blood vessels. This tissue is called pulp. The root contains one or more than one canals and the nerve is located in those canals. Inside the crown there is a cavity, which се запълва also from the nerve. When the nerve is affected by a very deep caries, by trauma, by an infection or inflammation, then the only solution to this problem is the nerve to extracted. That means that a successful root canal treatment must be carried out.


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