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Periodontology is a clinical speciality which studies and treats diseases of teeth-supporting tissues and structures. If left untreated, those diseases will cause the loss of one or more teeth. 

  • Is it normal that my gums bleed when I brush my teeth?

    No, that is NOT normal. Bleeding is one of the symptoms for periodontal disease. Here are some other symptoms that should have your attention:

    -      Red, swollen and painful gums

    -      Bleeding by tooth brushing

    -       Pus/Purulence between the teeth

    -      Constant bad breath

    -      Wobbly teeth

  • How can we treat bleeding gums?

    Bleeding can be caused by many local factors in oral cavity, as well as some general factors. First, you have to contact a specialist to find out the reasons for bleeding. Then, measures will be taken to handle it.

  • What is a periodontal pocket?

    The bone of the jaw and the periodontal tissues must be very tight around the tooth - like a collar around the neck. When you have a periodontal disease, this tight junctions between them are damaged and there comes a loosen gap. That loosen gap is called a periodontal pocket and it increases with time if left untreated.


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