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Dental Examination

  • How often should I go to a dental examination?

    A patient should go to a dental examination at least twice a year. With the visit by the doctor you will find out about the condition of you oral cavity, whether you have caries or not or maybe if there is any tartar that should be removed.

  • If there is no toothache should I visit the dentist?

    Yes, it is recommended to get a dental examination. Most of the people visit their doctor only if they are in pain or if there is some kind of a serious problem. That iss a very wrong attitude. There could be a problem even if there is no pain. Your doctor will make a general examination of your oral cavity and will tell you whether there is something wrong or not.

  • Профилактичният преглед поема ли се от здравната каса?
  • How long does it take to have your teeth checked?

    Usually it takes approximately 10-15 minutes to check someone’s teeth, but it depends on the condition of the oral cavity of the patient. The dentist should not only take a look at the tooth or teeth of the patient, causing the problem/pain. All the teeth should be inspected, as well as the condition of the gingiva and the лигавица of the oral cavity. The doctor should also take a look at the bite of the patient, the tongue, the throat and eventually at the lips. There are many details that should be inspected, that should never be underestimated, things that a patient never pays attention to.

  • When should we choose between a specialist and a general dentist

    You can not find a dentist that is an expert and has knowledge in every speciality in dentistry. The best dentist is the one who can recommend that you go to a specialist, when needed. In some cases, the treatment by that specialist will be more expensive, but it will definitely be worth it and it will get you the results that you wish without any complications.


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