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Crowns, Bridges, Dentures

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  • Why do we need crowns or bridges?

    A crown is used to restore and to strengthen a damaged tooth, which is endangered of cracking or breaking, so that a further destruction could be avoided. The crown will improve esthetics and chewing functions.

    A bridge is a construction that has the same function as the crown, the only difference is that it consists of at least two or more than two crowns. It restores a bigger damage, when there is more than one tooth missing. Both crowns and bridges are fixed to the teeth and they don’t need to be taken out of the mouth at night like the dentures.

  • What happens if a patient does not have a denture?

    The first obvious change noticed by a patient is the change of the speech. There is also a change in the chewing function which automatically leads to discomfort of the digestive system. And finally, there is a change in the facial expression of the patient, which means – the patient looks older than his/hers normal age.

  • Should patients sleep with their dentures?

    No. Patients should not sleep with their dentures. At the beginning, patients have some strange feeling when they place the dentures in their mouth, they can’t get used to this new feeling right away. It’s a process that takes some time. In such cases, some doctors would recommend that patients sleep with the dentures in the mouth for a while. After that period, patients should put away the dentures, when they go to sleep, they should not sleep with them. Dentures should be put away, because first:  they must be cleaned from any food rests and second because they should be left in a glass of water so that they can be ‘’freshened up’’. A third very reason for that is to avoid any wound of the ‘’лигавица’’ of the oral cavity. In some cases, when the patient is lying on the bed, the dentures can be separated from the gums and they can be swallowed by the patients, they can cause suffocation.


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