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  • When do kids get their first temporary milk teeth?

    Milk teeth erupt in the following order:
    Incisor - 8 - 13 months
    Canines - 19-20 month
    First molars - 16 months

  • How can parents help by the prevention of caries?

    The most important thing that parents should do is NEVER to use the visit by the dentist as a way to frighten their children. Parents should regular bring their kids as soon as the temporary (milk) teeth come up. Children will be advised how to brush their teeth and how to keep a proper hygiene of the oral cavity.

  • Can sealants be placed by the children’s erupting teeth?

    Mushrooming teeth have strong relief (bumps, dents, cracks, bumps). This topography contributes to retention of food on these teeth and this leads to formation of caries. At the age of 6-7 years, children have not yet developed habits of right and good teeth cleaning. This is the reason why the so-called sealants are put. Sealants are photopolymer children fillings that cover the deepest part of the tooth. For placing them dental equipment is not necessary to be used. Sealants are placed where the tooth break out and it is possible the space to be dry.

  • When should a child go to the dentist for the first time?

    My personal opinion is that a child should go to the dentist for the first time at the age of 3, after the eruption of the temporary (milk) teeth. The child should get used to the atmosphere and the doctor at an early stage. That’s how the fear of the dentist can be handled and there will be no physical trauma by a future visit at the dental praxis.

  • Какво се поема на децата от здравната каса?
  • What should we look after when kids brush their teeth?

    Every parent has faced the unequal daily battle (war) to make a child brush its teeth. And quiet often the child has prevaled J. Parents wish that their children manage to brush their teeth regulary – in the morning and in the evening. My advice is always to look after them by this activity, especially the brushing in the evening, before kids go to bed. Apart from using the tooth brush and paste, the other way of cleaning the teeth is carried out by the saliva. During the day, when the child is active, the saliva washes away the food rest. During the night, the child is calmed and relaxed. Its activity is very low and therefore the saliva can not wash away properly the food rest. That’s the period when the caries of the teeth mainly occurs. The most efficient way of brushing the teeth is done by circle movement of the toothbrush, starting from the gingiva and going to the top of the teeth. 


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